The bathroom cabinet

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Bathroom ark is the bathroom receives a large, like wash gargle spares, detergent is commonly it into a bag, as solid wood bathroom cabinet manufacturing bear, in wet a man's environment, to be preserved for a long time and is not an easy thing, want to prolong life, daily nursing care is indispensable, of course, some small make up will share bathroom ark next maintenance tips:
Four big fear of bathroom ark environment
The bathroom ark, whatever the material is really mindful of high temperature, moisture, sharp objects, chemical supplies.Anything in contact with the bathroom ark is best to keep normal temperature;Bathroom cabinet after the rain water in a timely manner to use dry cloth to wipe, keep dry, reduce unnecessary damage, life chemicals such as hair dye, coating, bleach, etc. It's best not to put in the bathroom ark.
Cabinet put oneself in another's goods smoothly
Bathroom ark cabinet put oneself in another's position inside to smooth place objects, the heavier items placed in the bathroom ark bottom ark bottom, activity type layer board can be adjusted up and down, pay attention to the layer board is put in position.Condole ark in the suitable place objects light, such as shampoo, shower gel, drying towels, paper towels and other lightweight items, in order to avoid the heavy item cause the deformation and stress of the top, bottom, at the same time, ensure the safety of items in fetching process.
Attaches great importance to the hardware maintenance
Bathroom cabinet hardware mainly include metal chain, hinge, slide rail, etc., its material generally is given priority to with stainless steel or steel surface coating, coating, when use, should pay attention to avoid the strong alkaline solution sprinkled on the hardware directly, inadvertently occur should immediately wipe clean;Door hinge, drawer slides to keep opening and closing, draw freely, often clean and prevent rust of be affected with damp be affected with damp, door hinges and sound if hand become loose, should be timely adjustments.
Clever clean and scratch

In daily use friction will inevitably scratching the surface of the bathroom cabinet, ceramic surface scratch, can be coated with a little toothpaste in scratches place, repeatedly with a soft dry cloth to wipe, waxing again, can make the surface smooth like new;Stone mesa scratches can use above 800 # sandpaper or water microfiber cloth to wipe gently, can recover.If the bathroom ark paint scratches, not touch wood lacquer, tank can be used with the same color crayon or paint, daub on the wound of the ark, to cover exposed background, and then thin transparent nail polish is coated with a layer of c


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