The bathroom cabinet development trend analysis in 2016

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Bathroom cabinet industry in China in 2016-2021 analysis of market demand and investment consulting report today, is a personalized s, consumers begin to have strong demand for personalized products.And brand style of convergence, the differentiation of narrow, in making sanitary ware enterprise market competitiveness weakened at the same time, also caused the loss of customers.Currently, personalization is become the new consumption concept, the bathroom cabinets enterprise people smuggling routes more easily enter the market.

1, personality, private or as a "bath agitation"

In this era of what all talk about personality, blindly rely on popularity is very difficult to meet customer demand, but also ACTS as a deterrent to a certain brand of sustainable development.In this case, the brand to cater to most people's appetite has become more difficult.

2, terminal market demand into brand development

Recently, quietly popular brand customization, star to attend the activities, no longer spell brand, is the custom to fight for.Recently, small make up into the building materials market, saw with the words "enjoy private custom" kitachi bathroom ark.The size of toilet, also decided to its requirements for products is more and more private custom, meet the demand of end market is an important foundation of brand development of the market.

3, the quality is not covered in the logo but self

To meet some consumers with personalized demand.Niche, is becoming the new consumption concept.People are more and more feel that: quality is not covered in the logo, but joint self personality.

4, channel subdivision Product segmentation

The rapid development of the Internet, let people shopping channels have become diversified, at the same time also makes the traditional marketing way diversification, many traditional sales market are determined, marketing channel is weakening.But it is precisely this weakening, promoted the market segmentation.Lost market marketing diversification makes some brand, also can make use of personalized brand based on the market to find new business opportunities.Wins with distinct characteristics, with self unique individual character development.

5, have no longer just a product But art

Now the market has been covered by the seller market into buyer's market, consumer demand for goods is not only satisfied is famous brand, is more of a focus on whether there is a brand personality, whether is suitable for the taste of self.Consumer eyes become "harsh", in the future, brand style, can let your customers less and less, and to have style, will only let you have part of the customer., according to the small make up to kitachi party sanitary ware products in addition to the cabinet put oneself in another's position size can be customized, used wood materials, marble mesa, and bathroom cabinet surface QiJunKe choice, let you have no longer is the product, but art.


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